Benitez: Newcastle can be optimistic about the future

Newcastle United are in a very difficult situation. The club has lost its main striker, which has left the team without a leader. The team also has a number of players who are not performing well.

The situation is not the worst, but it is not a good place to be. The problem is that the club has no real alternative to the players who have left. The situation is even more difficult for the team because it is fighting for the title.
The team has not been able to do its best in the matches against the top teams. The players have not been as effective as they could be. This has affected the results of the team.
This situation has not improved in the last few years. The current season is no exception. The problems of the club are even more serious than in previous ones.
However, the situation in the team is not as bad as it seems. The main problem of the current season has nothing to do with the lack of motivation of the players. It is the fact that the team does not have a real alternative.
For the team, the main problem is the lack stability. The previous season, the team was able to fight for the championship. However, it was not able to win the title, which is why it was called the “underdog”.
New Newcastle has a good chance to fight again for the champion title. The squad is balanced and has a lot of options. The coach can choose the most suitable lineup for each match.
In the current campaign, the club will have to do everything to be able to defend the title and win the next one. The management has to improve the results significantly.
You can always follow the results on the sports statistics website. The information is updated in real time. It will help you to be aware of all the changes in the game.
Main results of Newcastle United in the season 2018/19
The current season of the English Premier League has already shown that the main struggle is not between the top clubs. The fight is also taking place in the middle of the standings.
At the beginning of the season, there were a lot more interesting matches. The first matches of the championship were held in the United Kingdom. The teams from the lower divisions were not able not to make an impact on the results.
Among the top favorites of the upcoming season, you can find:
* Manchester City;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;

* Tottenham Hotspur;
The main losers of the previous season were:
• Manchester United;
• Tottenham Hotspa;
It is clear that the fight for gold medals is very intense. The top teams are ready to do their best to win.
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Current results of Manchester City
The season 2018-2019 has already started. The Manchester City has already managed to win several trophies. This is a good sign that the squad has a bright future.
City has a new coach, which will help the team to get results. The new coach is the Spaniard, Josep Guardiola. He is the head coach of the Catalan club.
Manchester City has a great opportunity to win gold medals again. The upcoming season will be very important for the club. The results of this year will be decisive for the future of the champion.
During the previous championship, the City was able not only to win, but also to keep the title for several years in a row. This time, the squad will have a lot to do.
There are several problems that the City needs to solve. The most important of them is the selection of the main players. The leaders of the squad are not playing well. This affects the results too.
Another problem is instability of the lineup. The City has not had such problems for a long time. The last time the team had such a problem was in the summer of 2016.
Due to this, the results were not good. However the team managed to fix the problems and get the desired result.
Now, the players of the City are in the best shape. The selection of players is also good. The lineup is balanced.
Guardiola has managed to choose the right lineup for the current championship. The choice of players has been good.
Thus, the current results of City can be considered as a good start. The season 2018 will be a real test for the squad. The competition is high, and the team needs to show a lot in order to win a gold medal.
What to expect from the team in the current match?
The City has several problems. The following factors will affect the results:
1. Lack of stability.

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