Champions League draw results

The Champions League draw is the most important event in the football season, because it determines the fate of the tournament. The draw is held in the middle of the season, when the teams have not played each other.
The draw is a chance for the fans to see the teams’ lineups for the first time. The teams will have to play against each other in the group stage. In the Champions League, the draw is not only a chance to see who will be the main favorites of the group, but also to see how the teams will play in the matches against weaker opponents.
In the Champions league, the teams play against the following opponents:
* Barcelona;
* Juventus;
* Real;
* Manchester United.
After the draw, the results of the matches will be available to the fans. The results of each match will be shown on the website of sports statistics.

The results of all matches will also be available on the mobile version of the website.
Champions league draw results of previous seasons
The season of the Champions is coming to an end. The first matches of the new season have already shown that the main contenders for the title are:
1. Barcelona; 2. Juventus; 3. Real; 4. Bayern.
Barcelona has always been a favorite of the draw. The Catalans have won the Champions trophy 5 times, and have been in the Champions cup final twice. The team has a good lineup, which allows it to play with any team in the world.
Juventus is the main contender for the champion title. The Turin club has won the title for the last 4 years in a row. The previous season, the team was in the final, but lost to Liverpool. The following season, Juventus won the champion trophy for the 3rd time in arow.
However, the Turin team is not the only one that can win the Champions. The other teams that are considered the main competitors of the Catalans are:
* Bayern;
5. Real Madrid; 6. PSG; 7. Manchester United; 8. Juventus.
It is worth noting that the teams that have won their championships for the 4th time in the last 5 years are not the favorites of this season.
All the Champions draw results are available on this website of the sports statistics, where the information is updated in real time.
Main favorites of Champions league draw
The main favorites in the draw are:


Juve; Real;

In previous seasons, the Catalonians have won all the matches that they have played. However, this time, the Barcelona team has not played well. The main problem of the team is that it is not in the best shape. The players are tired of playing in the Spanish championship, and they want to win the title.
Real Madrid is also a contender for winning the champion. The club has been in great shape for several years, and it has won all its matches. The problem of Real is that the team has lost a lot of points in the season. The leaders of the club are not in their best shape, and this affects the results.
Manchester United is also considered a contender. The Red Devils have won a lot, and the team’s lineup is good. However the team lacks some leaders, and many of them are injured.
Bayern is the team that is considered the most difficult opponent of the Barcelona. The German team has won only once in the past 5 years. The last time it won was in 2002.
At the same time, there are some teams that can compete with the Catalonian team. The strongest team is:
• Juventus; and

• PSG.
These teams have a good roster, which can be used to win against the Catalons.
Team’ lineup in the draws
The teams that will play against Barcelona are: ​​
* Valencia;
2. Sevilla;
3. Granada;
4. Espanyol;
6. Granollers.
Among the teams playing against the Barcelona are the following:
5th place:
7th place, in the top 4:
3rd place: Granoller;
8th place (in the top 8): Espanyolo;
9th place and in the bottom 4: Valencia; Sevilla.
This season, Sevilla has a new coach, and he has a different lineup. The lineup of the Spanish team is very unstable, and there are many players who are not playing well.
Valencia is the second team of the lineup, and its coach is the same. The squad of the Andalusians is quite unstable, too. The problems of the squad are not limited to the lineup.
Despite the instability of the teams, the fans of the game expect the Catalones to win. The fans of Barcelona are expecting a lot from the team this season, and so far, they have not disappointed.
Latest results of matches of Barcelona
The team of Ernesto Valverde has a great lineup, but it is still not the best one.

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